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You are invited to take part in a research study on "Workplace Climates for American Expatriates Working in Canada". This research is conducted by Dr. Thomas Köllen and Dr. Eddy Ng at Dalhousie University in conjunction with University of Bern.

Your participation in the study is very important. Your responses will aid in generating knowledge on cross-cultural management practices. In order for the results of the study to be representative of American expatriates working (or having worked) in Canada, it is essential that we obtain as many responses as possible. You will be asked to respond to a number of questions on your experiences working in Canada. The survey will take approximately 12 minutes to complete.

You may be assured of complete confidentiality. As the study involves a large number of expatriates, you will not be identifiable. Your responses will be aggregated and analyzed anonymously. Your participation is voluntary, you do not have to answer any question you do not wish to. You may also cease to participate at any time by closing the browser. It would not be possible to withdraw after you have completed the survey, as we would not be able to identify your responses.

The risks associated with this study are no greater than those you encounter in everyday life. If you have any ethical concerns about your participation in this research, you may contact Research Ethics, Dalhousie University at (902) 494-1462, or email (and reference REB file # 2016-3829).

We recognize that your time is very valuable, and we have a duty to communicate the results of the study to the participants. If you wish to receive a copy of the findings of this study, please leave your email address at the conclusion of the survey.

We encourage you to forward the survey of your fellow expatriates working in Canada. If you would like to be contacted for a follow-up interview based upon on your responses in the questionnaire, please email us at or

Progression beyond this information page for the survey will be taken as consent to use the anonymous data that is collected. 

Thank you for your participation.


Dr. Thomas Köllen & Dr. Eddy Ng

Dr. Thomas Köllen
University of Bern
Department of Human Resource Management (IOP)
E-mail: (or

Dr. Eddy Ng 
F.C. Manning Chair in Economics & Business
Dalhousie University