Questback Survey Questionnaire

CPO Survey 2019

What is the future of procurement?

We are pleased to invite you to participate in this survey on the future of procurement. The success of this research is highly dependent on your participation!

Your confidentiality will be protected to the maximum extent allowable by law. The data collected for this research study will be protected and only the appointed researchers will have access to the research data. Results will be published only on an aggregated level, so that no statistical inference or conclusions can be backtracked to any firm or individual. Participation is voluntary, you may choose not to participate at all, or you may refuse to participate in certain procedures or answer certain questions or discontinue your participation at any time without penalties or loss of benefits.

An exclusive executive summary of the results, reported in aggregate form, will be made available to all participants upon completion of the project. We expect that the results of this research will be available by Spring 2019.

Please read the following instructions carefully before beginning the survey:
  • The survey should take you approximately 10 minutes to complete.
  • Please complete all questions as well as you can, even if some questions appear similar.
  • For each statement, indicate the extent of your agreement or disagreement based on your personal knowledge of events, your organization and your operations.

Thank you for your participation!