Questback Survey Questionnaire

On the Relevance of Requirements Smells 
- An Industrial Survey

High-quality requirements often are a critical determinant for software quality. But what exactly are requirements of "high quality" and do requirements of "low quality" (i.e., smelly requirements) automatically lead to bad software quality? With your answers, you will help us to understand better the relevance and impact that bad quality requirements have (or not have) on successful project execution.

Why do we collect and use your data

This survey is part of a larger study endeavor to understand the notion and relevance of requirements quality. In this survey, you will be particularly asked:
  • a number of demographic questions (with a specific focus on your project-related role), and 
  • to make statements on so-called Requirements Smells.
By consenting to the study below, you affirm that:
  1. You understand that participation in this study is entirely voluntary and that you can withdraw from the study at any time without giving a reason and without any consequences (e.g., not being invited again to another experimental setup, if applicable).
  2. You understand that you are free to ask any questions, withdraw, and discuss your concerns with the experimenters, whose contact information is given below.
  3. You understand that the information you provide will be held anonymously so that it is impossible to trace this information back to you individually. You understand that this information may be retained indefinitely.
  4. You understand that your anonymized data may be shared with other researchers, and that, if possible, the data may be shared publicly for the purposes of scientific research.

How to contact us

The survey is a research collaboration between the Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden, and LUT University, Finland.
As primary contact serves
Prof. Dr. Daniel Mendez
Blekinge Institute of Technology
Lumavägen 1, SE-371 79 Karlskrona, Sweden

Phone: +46 455 385712

Our EU representative

There is no further representative.
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