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Work environments for knowledge workers are changing substantially in most firms. This change is especially driven by digitization/technology and increasing flexibility of work and organizational structures.

On the next page, we present to you a list of skills. These skills are regarded important for being successful as an employee in these next generation work environments. Given these skill which employees (not managers) need to demonstrate, we like to find out how well employees are prepared today. For this reason, we ask you to evaluate which of the listed skills employees are lacking most in your firm. By 'employees' we mean workers who are not leading other peole. Managers, meaning people who are leading other people, are out of scope of this research. We focus on employees.

Let us explain the background to this research: We are students of the third semester of the Digital Transformation Master Study Program at IMC University Krems in Austria.This survey is part of a learning experiment in our Human Development lecture with Professor Michael Bartz.

If you are interested in the final results, please enter your email address at the end of this survey. We are happy to share the outcome, as a small thank you for your time and contribution.

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