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VETNET Membership Application Form

Before you start

The information that you will give on the following pages is used to...


... decide on your VETNET membership (cf. VETNET regulations); 

... maintain the VETNET membership list which can be made public on (name, title/function, email, affiliation, area of interest, short biography). 

VETNET membership is free, and there are no obligations - except that you declare yourself committed to the ideas and activities of VETNET, as, e.g., by participating at the ECER, Stockholm International Conference, Crossing Boundaries etc. 


Please take note that you can ask to delete all your data anytime by sending an email to convenor@vetnetsite.orgif some information needs to be changed/updated, you can write an email to


All further information on VETNET can be found on

Overview of all questions of this application form in a PDF document
Link to the VETNET regulations

Christof & Barbara

Link convenors of VETNET