Questback Survey Questionnaire

SUITS Capacity Bulding Challenges Validation

The aim of the Civitas SUITS project is to increase the capacity of small-to-medium sized cities to plan and implement sustainable mobility. Working with our project cities, we identified 15 challenges, cities have to cope with in this process. We claim, that increasing the cities capacity in planning and implementing sustainable mobility will be reached by supporting them in these 15 operational fields.

Please support us validating the challenges by participating this short survey! It will take you only 5-10 minutes.


Aim: The aim of the survey is to validate the challenges, cities and especially mobility planners facing in the planning and implementation of sustainable mobility measures. With the survey we will analyse the completeness of the derived challenges and their importance.

Participation in this survey will take about 10 minutes. Confidentiality: No personal data is collected in the survey and the answers will be collected completely anonymously. The answers will be used within the SUITS project to inform the capacity building program. The overall results may be published in the scientific community to show the relevance of the challenges.

 The survey has been reviewed and approved through the formal Research Ethics procedure at Coventry University.  For further information, queries or other concerns please contact the lead researcher Professor Andree Woodcock,

Informed Consent

I have read and understood the introductory text about the aim of this scientific study and survey. I am informed that no personal data is collected in the survey and my answers are collected completely anonymously.